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The ABCs of Chansoo: I for I LIKE YOU!
Giant Fanboy Ignored 99% of the Time by His Beloved Chingu
- a tragedy by Park Chanyeol.
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precious 83line ಥ_ಥ

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FANGIRL CHALLENGE | [6/7] most heartbreaking scenes (no specific order)
Heechul talking about almost leaving SJ and acknowledging members sincerity. 

Heechul: “Because I debuted first as an actor and then debuted as Super Junior. Super Junior became huge so all my acting was forgotten. Now, it was a singer trying acting instead of an actor acting. So, even though it’s sad I said to the members it’s hard to stand on stage because at that time I was shooting a drama, a miniseries, a sitcom, variety shows…I was the blue chip of variety shows. Also, I was on stages as a singer. I was a newcomer doing all those things in a day. I was so tired that I was irritated. Our member Teuki came up to me and said, “Heechul, don’t you think it’s not right that a singer doesn’t do stage rehearsal?” I would say, “Then do you think it’s right that when an actor can’t shoot his scene and comes and goes?” So, me and other members slowly drifted apart. I went to live alone and fought constantly with the members. So, I fought with Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and Shindong at least once. It became a big problem. It went as far as to when I was shooting a scene where I get into a car accident. Also, when I was doing “U” promotions, I sang out of tune once - “I’ll look for your ideal partner” - like this. I sang out of tune so I was the topic of the conversation for a week. What upset me the most was that Super Junior fans were attacking me. “Heechul oppa does solo activities and now with singing out of tune he’s no help for the team. He’s trying to do it alone. He doesn’t want to be in the team.” With these kind of talks, I was so upset that I resigned from the Super Junior fan cafe. So it was really difficult. It was difficult with other members too. The rumor grew stronger that “Kim Heechul is leaving. He’s quitting.” It was during Sorry Sorry. When you listen to Sorry Sorry I only appear for 4 seconds. My voice is not in any of the songs. When I talked to the management company, I said, “I’m not that great of a singer, I can’t dance well like Eunhyuk. I don’t have that talent like Teuki to lead other members as hyung. Only my face is handsome.” So, I told the company, “I think it’s right to not do this anymore. I think I’m only doing harm. I’m going to start again to spread my name as an actor. This is too difficult for me.” After I said that it was decided that Sorry Sorry would be my last album so I only was in it for 4 seconds. After that, I went to the practice room for the last time. I drank a lot before because I was upset. I watched them practice their routine. Then, Eunhyuk said some touching words. Eunhyuk came up to me and said, “Heechul hyung, we made all the dance routine with your place. So, you can just come in later.” He said that, the words were…my voice was funny, but it was so sad. It was so touching. Since I only had 4 seconds, I came out at later parts of the song. Lee Soo Man said after watching me come out for 4 seconds, “Shouldn’t Heechul do the finale so that it’s pretty?”

MC: “Truthfully I think Leeteuk as the leader is big, leading a unique group of people.”

Heechul: “In the past it was like this. When I ruined all the image, Leeteuk would try to fix it. Because when I would say hi, I would be like “Hi” and since I look cold many people would misunderstand. Teuki would greet people like this, “Hello! Hello hyungnim!” Seriously even to a hoobae he would say, “Nice to meet you, no no, nice job, thank you thank you.” I would look at him do that and I would cry a lot.”

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140815 Leeteuk & Heechul SMTOWN Ⅳ SEOUL concert | cr: endless_KT

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Heechul Instagram Update | 140817

kimheenim:Teuk-ee and I have completely opposite personalities. Teuk-ee always endures and contains (his emotions), while I always yell and solve (the problem) right away. Teuk-ee is a bit timid?, and I am a bit crazy?. Teuk-ee decorated his room all white, while I decorated my room all red. Teuk-ee says to reflect back to yesterday, while I say ‘let’s think about what to do tomorrow’.. And it kept going like that until few years ago, some events that made me think ‘Ah, I should always be on Teuk-ee’s side’ happened and since then, if Teuk-ee were to ask me to (do something), even if I ignored the company and manager’s words before and even if it was an unreasonable (request), without asking him why, I would follow Teuk-ee’s opinions. And gradually, we more and more deepen our relationship, and be drawn to each other’s eyes. And finally, Heechul breathed heavily and started stroking Teuk-ee’s face…?! kkkkkkkkkkkk #fanfic #83 #inspiration*

*(not sure if Heechul meant ‘old guy(s)’ 영감 or ‘inspiration’영감 here .. since they are same words;;;) (T)

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“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”
— Robin Williams (via the-writing-writer-wrote)

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